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Nail - pulling appliance

  • Nail - pulling appliance

    Type: APC 100 / APC 200

    Our nail-lifter enables the extraction of pins and  mails from
    wood, synthetic and similar materials, also when the pliers
    cannot accomplish the top of the nail.
    The nail to be pulled is touched with two electrodes, so that a
    current flows from the first electrode above the top of the nail,
    to the second electrode.
    Description: APC 100  APC 200
    Input voltage: 220-230V  220-230V
    Output voltage: 4V  2/2,5/3V
    Output current: 25A 60A
    Power: 100VA 180VA
    Insulation class: T40/B  T40B
    ED: 20% 30%
    Cycle duration: 10s 10s
    e.g. 20% ED = 2 s operation
                        8 s interval
    - safety isolation transformers with thermal release, in portable
    plastic enclosure with lifting handle
    - power supply cord
    - mains switch  
    - repeater lamp
    - output terminal
    - different special electrodes
    - APC 200 have an additional three-step-controller
    Measure: 170 x 140 x 190 mm
    Weight: 5 kg