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Making current limiter


Type: EB16

Making current limiter

plastic box, resin-encapsulated device
the terminals are protected against accidental contact
type of protection: box: IP20                                                          
                           terminal: IP20                              
Caused by the high inrush current (by special phase
angle up to 50-fold of nominal current) occurring by
inductivities, it is impossible to enable a selective
protection, especially for transformers. But it can be
done with a making current limiter. When switched on,
the load is connected in series with a damping resistor
which prevents the inrush current from rising to high.
After 5-10 half-waves (by f=50 Hz) a delay element
triggers a relay, which the shunts the damping resistor,
thus connecting the load directly to the mains.           
The making current limiter is designed for a switching
rate of three operations per minute in case of full load
weight: 0,27 kg.

data sheet EB16

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