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    Our Products

    Our products fulfill the following requirements

     - RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances),

     - REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)-regulation;

       they also do not contain SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern)- In accordance to Article 33.


    We are economical with the usage raw materials and are constantly striving to reduce the raw material consumption and also increase the product efficiency at the same time. After successful experimentation alternative materials are used to improve product efficiency.


    Our Production Environment

    Our new Production facility is equipped according to latest energy standards. Therefore we installed a photovoltaic system and heat recovery systems for drying oven and compressor systems which ensure efficient use of energy and belong to common standards today.


    Our Conduct

    We strive to make our individual contribution to the preservation of the environment through a conscientious use of raw materials. Internal training measures ensure the continuous development of the employees with regard to the efficient use of energy (electricity, gas), materials and raw materials.

    The use of glass instead of pet bottles,degradable detergents is another detail in a responsible approach to nature. We promote car pooling of our employees and we would like this to contribute to a more economical use of fuels.

    There is a continous expansion in our  use of reusable packaging materials in a circulatory system.